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This is how it all started.

It was our daughter Neva's 2nd birthday so we decided to make it a little extra special and blow up some balloons.

It took us forever and we barely slept that night. 

 Ever since then, we felt like parties are only fun when you're not the one doing all the work.

So let us do the work. And you can go to sleep. And then have fun and make memories.

Anastasia Giancola

Co-Founder & Creative Director

When Anastasia started doing balloon setups I told her I could help with all the heavy lifting.

Now we're renting big bouncy castles, so I guess the joke's on me.

Dante Giancola

Co-Founder and Heavylifter

We're kinda tired of all of the balloons and bouncing to be honest.

It's ok though. Work is work.

Neva & Oscar

Assistants To The Managers 

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